Lonely Planet gives Nicaragua Best in Travel 2015 Award

Nicaragua is Central America’s “best kept secret” and an up and coming tourism destination for visitors from Europe and North America.

More and more tourists that vacation in Costa Rica are making an extension trip to Nicaragua to get a feel for a truly authentic and unique Latin American travel experience. Nicaragua is a country made for tourism.  Taking a family vacation to Nicaragua or a romantic getaway will provide you with the opportunity to be enriched by the country’s rich history, friendly people and dramatic landscapes…all of which are just waiting to be explored. The traveler that is able to see beyond Nicaragua’s reputation as a troubled country due to past political turmoil and natural disasters will be rewarded with unforgettable memories and an authentic travel experience.

NICARAGUA IS POLITICALLY STABLE: After 17 years of a free market economy with progressive growth and increasing prosperity, the people of Nicaragua know they have a good thing going.  Nicaragua’s economy is growing. The government is pouring millions into improving the country’s infrastructure, especially tourism.

NICARAGUA IS SAFE: According to the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights, Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America, with a reported crime rate lower than that of Germany, France, and the U.S.

THE PEOPLE ARE WARM AND WELCOMING: The Nicaraguan people have openly embraced the interest that vacationers and visitors have shown in their country. When you visit Nicaragua, you become a friend, not just another gringo.

HEALTH CARE IN NICARAGUA IS FIRST RATE AND AFFORDABLE: Medical facilities are some of the best in Latin America, and the cost of living in Nicaragua is the lowest in Central America, 20 to 60 percent lower than in the U.S.

THE WEATHER IS PERFECT: The climate in Nicaragua remains virtually the same all year round. Temperatures vary by elevation, but do not see much fluctuation in each region.

In the Tierra Caliente (English: ‘Hot Land’) region, where Orquidea del Sur is located, the daytime temperatures range from 86-90°F (30-33°C), with cooler temperatures at night, ranging from 70-75°F (21-24°C).

The level of precipitation can vary greatly depending upon the time of year and location. The dry season lasts from November to May, making this an excellent time to visit. During the green season, the rain is especially heavy in September and October; however, these rains and the electrical storms turn the area into a kaleidoscope of images over the ocean and the vegetation comes to life in an array of spectacular colors.