Nicaragua Wildlife


An abundance of local biodiversity exists near our Yankee Beach location.  We have daily wildlife sightings that always intrigue our guests of all ages, those traveling on a family vacation with children as well as honeymooners looking to experience an adventure as they start their life together. Turtles begin their perilous journey out to sea from the sands of Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. One of the largest turtle nesting areas, La Flor Wildlife Reserve, is just 15 minutes south of Orquidea del Sur. This natural refuge attracts an extraordinary number of turtles each year, between the months of July and January. Whales and dolphins migrating up and down the Nicaraguan coast are visible from the decks of Orquidea del Sur. Howler monkeys and iguanas are commonly seen in the area around our Bed and Breakfast. A variety of bird species are seen in the trees around Orquidea del Sur all year long.  We also receive migrating birds from North America during our summer months from November – April.