Nicaragua Surfing

nicaragua surfing

Are you are an avid or casual surfer looking for a great surf beach in Nicaragua where you can catch some good waves? Orquidea Del Sur is a quiet boutique Inn that offers exceptional personal service and amenities. Nestled above Playa Yankee beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, it is an ideal location for surfing and beach vacations.

Surfing in Nicaragua

With about 330 days annually of offshore winds holding up the waves, Nicaragua’s southwest Pacific Coast is a magnet for both amateur and professional surfers. Playa Yankee’s beach break acts like a left point on the south side, allowing for a consistent take-off point in the middle of frothy seas. Incoming swells are sizeable and challenging, making Playa Yankee an ideal hotspot for surfers to hone their skills or try something new. Primary Colors, a notably “fickle” point break on Playa Yankee’s north end, tempts even advanced surfers. Though Primary Colors is best tackled during low tide, it offers surfers potential for a true adrenaline rush all day under the right conditions.